Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This is what's in my purse! (currently)

What is currently in my purse?

I came home about an hour ago.
Whipped out the camera and my purse.
Snapped some pictures, nothing so interesting, but here it is...

The purse I was carrying today:
(without flash)

Take 2 (with flash):

the inside:

L-R: LC's book- LA Candy (incase I was bored at school)
MAC Makeup bag
white wallet
Vaseline lotion

a bunch of junk!
I was at school today, so i was very prepared with gum (a must :))
random pens, pencils, highlighters, lead
and those flash cards! heh made them to study for my foreign language.
can you guess what language?

my iPod, glasses, and a purse holder
haha, have you seen those hooks that you hang your purses
to the table so you don't have to put it on the floor?

My cellular, and a business card case
i decorated to put my blotting sheets in.

and the makeup bag I had earlier filled with:
- a roll-on juicy couture perfume (the original)
-MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
(I depotted the original packaging and swapped it in the HK packaging)
-two lippies I wore today: MAC Hue on the L
and MAC A Rose Romance on the R
-a Sephora lipliner in Candid Candy
-Burts Bees lip balm
-a hair tie, and clip
-essence of beauty purse brush

and that is it!
xox Tina


  1. I LOVE seeing inside other people's bags, I must be a nosey parker.ha ha. Cute blog, come check out mine sometime xx

  2. I love your handbag! So cute!! Let us know how LA candy is when your done!~!

    Sara www.themakeupsnob.com